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Sunday, February 17, 2013

O God you punished me more than my mistakes

Here I used me and my just to mix myself with all the other Indian, because if we think we are one then we can do something one day otherwise we only blame to each other for the degradation of Indian culture, civilization and ancient heritages. At the initial stage of civilization in India or we can say in the ancient India our society was divide according to the work that was adopted by the person by their own wish, not by birth as we are thing today and gradually a son adopted the work of his father due to their convenience as a gift, in recent day doctor's son, politician's son, business men's son, etc all are doing the same because they are getting an stabilized business as a gift from their father, so why they focused on a new business and start from scratch, but some work was not considered good at that time as well as now, but as they get a gifted business they need to carry-on.

Today there are also lots of business they are not good, like shoe company, toilate cleaner company, paint company, plumbing company, sever line cleaning company etc., as some people adopted that as per their convenience and then it become the destiny for their children, the work was not so bad but the way of expression was so bad, and also instead of understanding the importance of own work they feel shame with the work.

That was not my mistake that they expressed and understand their work in bad way, you can check-it out in present scenario, if some one of your relative is working above mentioned company then he will also feel shame and always dream to work in IT company, but as per their education, their parents financial standard, their study caliber, the awareness of their parents etc are the main factor for their job, but by the study they can know the importance of their work, but they are not happy because of dirtiness of work, the people of any multinational office can not touch a toilate cleaner during their work, and might be not after that, but today the owner of that company will not say anything, even politicians and other persons who are opposing the listened caste system in ancient india will be silent.

Yyou can see this kind of situation in various politicians, social workers and highly educated persons [who studies in USA or UK] the same kind of situation were available in ancient India  but today we have taken oath that we will oppose the heritage and culture of India so we are promoting that, in ancient India people were discriminate the others on the basis of caste, but that was not totally true, no one of us were there who can say that this kind of discrimination was there and not today, even our epics are also told us there was not this kind of issues, if they were, then how could lord Rama hug the boatman Nishad, and tribe caste Shabari, and Durdhoyan who was very bad with character, having the proud of kingship, how could made friendship with Karn, as per the knowledge of Duryoudhan, Karan was the son of his father's chariot driver, these are few examples to explain you.

The second most common issues in India is raised about the pity condition of women in India, lots of people was thinking that our society forced to a widow women to burn with her husband, and live inside the house only, here I just want to give you again example of India's great epics that if this kind of issues were in India then the 3 queens of Raja Dashrath' should be burned with their dead-body  queen of Bali and Ravan should also be do the same, but they did not do, the same circumstantial come with Ranee Kunti, when her husband died but she not do this. This issue comes very later in India either due to any social change or in some very back mentality area, but be sure that this sati pratha was not India's true culture.

Even Bali's and Ravan's wives re-marry with their dever and it is acceptable in society of that time, so we can say, at that time the position of women is better then today', people were very careful about the wish, wants and desires of women, for the marriage they want to know the wish of their daughter, the best examples are of Parvati, Sita, Dropati, Subhdra, Savatri, Uttra and Viddhottma wife of famous poet Kalidash. Here you can also think women was free at that time for the study and marriage, as these two was the most important turning points of human life.

There was only one very big issue available in the people of India and that is our main mistake, that is self recognition to show that I am differ than other, I am more respectful than other, Other people should give me respect, the people of my town respect my decision, the new person who came to my town should meet me and discus with me even stay at my home so that next day I express my goodness to the other people that my name is so famous among the cities of world, as this new person came from different place only to meet me as he listened my name., and we never hesitate to give respect to that new person's even though we know he is blaming my few native people, But only to gain respect in the vies of that person we neglect the respect of person's of our town, and we give a sophisticated name 'Vasudev Kutumbkam' to our this silliness and selfishness.

We were very humble and polite with the people of other town's while we are very rude and stick for the people of our own town and family, we never hesitate to join the hand of any foreigner to down the people of own town just to teach them a lesson of morality, as few people did this, during the time of Mahmood gajnavi's attack at the somnath temple. There were lots of secretes in that temple and people were respecting that secretes, so few people has taken the advantages of their good faith on God only for the self recognition  because they announced that god came in their dreams and told him the secrete of the temple, everyone should give respect me as I am blessed with the goodness of God, and the simple hearten people were not care it,they are happy that God is happy with some one, but at the time of attack they did the same kind of mistakes we repeated again and again with Md. Gauree, Alexandra  Temoor, and then Dutch, Purtgalies and British people,

They not only ruled us but also destroy our entire culture and mix with various layers, today we neither lost our entire culture to adopt their and not grasped their entire culture to loss our one. During the freedom movement we were fight against the harassment, high prices, corruption, misuse of police, un-justice, etc etc, and today they are ..and we are speechless.

Today we become very selfish, when we think we have benefits by the Indian culture then we start saying loudly I am Indian, and when we see there is a big benefits to isolate from Indian culture than we start saying  today in the science era and 21st century why we follow silly Indian culture, today we only want our benefit, this is the punishment of God to us that we are losing our identity in the Global market, Indian is recognized as banana people, who can mold in any shape.

Today we lost everything our heritage, culture, goodness, respect for our old, women, loving nature for child, humanity, everything, today we are living a very emotionless life who's only one purpose is to earn money and earn money, we do not know the use of money, but we need it, we do not want to respect our relationships just because they are not scientific, we believe in one day exercise  for love valentine day, to respect father we celebrate father's day, mother's day, earth day, friendship day etc.

Our mistake was only that we were hungry for self recognition and respect and today we lost it with so many other important life elements, so I am saying O god you punished me more than my mistakes.

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